Senior Creative Director - Project Manager
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Mr. Michael Fayette
Former CEO of Post Effects, Inc. Chicago, IL

“I had the great privilege on working with Mike during the first five years of my digital communications company, Post Effects. In many ways, Post Effects would not have existed without Mike's tremendous creativity, hard work and energy. He was one of the first people I hired, and he set a very high standard for those who followed him. He is not only a kind and gentle person, but a truly exceptional creative designer and a great team leader. He was personally responsible for some of our greatest early successes and I recommend him without reservation to anyone who might be able to use his abilities.”

Ms. Alison Hall
Former Exclaim, Inc Senior Writer/Strategist

"Mike Cully is a man with an imagination, and that makes him great at his job. He is always looking two or three steps ahead of everyone else, into what the latest technology can do, or how a new idea can be carried out to the nth degree. I enjoyed working and brainstorming with Mike because I always learned something new - in fact, I still call Mike to learn new things! He is calm and patient, creative yet practical. An invaluable member of any team."

Ms. Cathy Hosek
Training & Application Support Specialist at MacArthur Foundation
Mike and I just wrapped a three-month training project that was filled with extremely tight deadlines, multiple foreign languages and a large team. On-boarding was fast and easy due to Mike's extremely detailed orientation and demonstrations. Communication throughout was timely and helpful. His use of Dropbox and frequent updates kept all of us where we needed to be. I look forward to teaming with Mike again soon.